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The Mattress Doctor® - Frequntley Asked Questions

Professional Mattress Cleaning for London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and South East UK

Q1 How often should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?

A That depends on several factors: This depends on several factors including your individual health needs, the environment such as humidity levels in your home and whether you have pets. If you suffer with asthma or eczema having your mattress cleaned every six months will be of benefit to you otherwise annually is a good benchmark.

Q2 Does this work for old mattresses too?

A Yes! In fact many people who were considering replacing their mattress find that they have several more years of good use as a result of the treatment.

Q3 Do you cure my allergies or asthma?

A No, but most allergy sufferers and asthmatics obtain considerable relief. Approximately 85% of Asthmatics are allergic to the allergens in the excrement of the house Dust Mite and therefore obtain considerable relief. And whilst treatment will not cure Asthma, it may well prevent it. Recent research indicates that Asthma may be caused by allergens in mite excrement and that this excrement also crosses the placental barrier in pregnant women and therefore may cause Asthma in the unborn child.

Q4 Can I vacuum my own mattress and save money?

A Yes, but there are some other things you should be aware of: You should use only vacuums with a HEPA filter system to keep the collected dust where it belongs, inside the vacuum, no matter if it is a portable or central vacuum. If you do not, and you are asthmatic, you could experience a severe attack. Regular vacuums only use suction to pull out dirt and will actually bring the dirt close to the surface where it will clog up the fabric and remain trapped inside the mattress. This could make your symptoms far worse. Your vacuum will not be as effective as our system is, because we use a combination of treatments including vacuum power, high frequency vibration and UVC radiation followed by treatment with our Mattress Hygiene Spray.

Q5 Are those allergy preventing mattress covers worthwhile?

A Not according to a recent Department of Health study. They found them ineffective for most people. If you are going to use them, it is imperative that those covers only be installed on mattresses that are new or have been cleaned and sanitized using the Mattress Doctor system, otherwise the enclosed mattress may act like an incubator allowing mould, fungus and bacteria growth to increase. When the cover is removed for washing, the contaminants are released into the air. Most manufacturers recommend that the covers be removed and washed weekly. This is a very cumbersome task. People suffer from disturbed sleep as the covers are noisy and do not breath sufficiently making people sweat during the night. We recommend investing the price of the covers into getting the mattress professionally cleaned by The Mattress Doctor. That way you can rest assured knowing that your mattress is clean and sanitized.

Q6 What is your Mattress Clean Spray and how does it work?

A Our Mattress Hygiene Spray is manufactured exclusively for us and is 100% chemical free. It is certified organic under EU regulation 2092/91 and is harmless to children and pets. The main active ingredients are Citrus Biocide and water. It has a rapid action against all classes of micro organisms in accordance with BS EN1276 and is effective against MRSA.


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